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Beer Tap Handles For Sale

These tap markers come primarily from a Northwest tavern owner's collection and most were in service for a short time.

NOTE:  While some items may be in a new or unused condition, most have been used and show some evidence of use - but are excellent for display - unless stated otherwise.

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Anheuser-Busch (Budweiser & Michelob)

Budweiser 3-sided tap handle"Budweiser" - a 3⅝" tall, 3 sided, "shotgun" tap handle.  $6



Grant's Brewery Pub (closed 2004)

Grant's Maibock tap handle"Grant's Maibock" on a 10" tall, wooden tap handle from Yakima, WA.  $12






 Leavenworth Brewery
(est. 1992, sold to Fish Brewing Co., Olympia in 2001)

Leavenworth Escape Altbier ceramic tap"Leavenworth" on both sides of an 11" tall, cobalt blue, ceramic tap handle for "Escape Altbier." Scarce! $16




Mad River Brewing Co.

two Mad River Jamaica Red Ale tapsset of two wooden tap handles: "Mad River Brewing Co. - Jamaica Brand Red Ale" - one is 9'' tall and the other is 6" tall. $8/set


Maritime Pacific Brewing Co. of Ballard (Seattle)

Salmon Bay Bitter brass tap from Maritime Pacific"Salmon Bay Bitter" - heavy, brass tap marker on a 9" tall, wooden handle reminiscent of the belaying pins of the tall ship era. High quality and impressive!  $24
Note: This tap is no longer produced due to high replacement cost.



Pyramid Breweries of Kalma, WA

Pyramid Pale Ale tap"Pyramid Pale Ale" - an 8" tall handle with a plastic marker. $12



Pyramid Pale Ale tap"Pyramid Pale Ale" - a 9" tall handle with a metal marker - slightly different handle.  $12



Pyramid's Snow Cap Ale tap"Snow Cap" with paper marker, on a 9" tall handle. "Pyramid" printed vertically. $10





Rainier Brewing Co. of Seattle - brewers of Rainier Beer & Brew 66 (closed in 1999)
also dba as the Emerald City Brewing Co. from 1992-1996   

"Emerald City Ale" acrylic tap"Emerald City Ale" labelarticle on Emerald City Ale"Emerald City Ale" with slogan: "Where it reigns - It pours" on both side of a 7" tall, faceted acrylic tap. Impressive, like an emerald cut gem, and a "must have" for collectors of Seattle memorabilia.  Scarce!  SOLD

Read newspaper article on Emerald City Ale (right).


Rainier Diamond Draft tapRainier Diamond Anniversary logo 1953"Diamond Draft" below the iconic red "R" which adorns a diamond studded barrel end - on reverse: "Sicks' Rainier Brewing Co., Seattle & Spokane, Wash., U.S.A." This brand was introduced in April of 1953 to commemorate their 75th anniversary, or Diamond Jubilee. It was only available on draft in taverns and lasted until the early '60s.  Scarce 63 year old tap!     Sold


Rainier Light acrylic tap"Rainier - Light" on a double sided, mirror finish, foil disc in a 5⅜" tall, acrylic tap handle. $18


Rainier Draft acrylic tall"Rainier Draft - Light - Ice Lagered & Cold Filtered" inset on both sides of a 10" tall, acrylic tap made to look as though it was carved out of ice. This product was introduced in 1992. $20



   Brew 66 Special Draught acrylic tap ca.1955"Brew 66" on a golden stein, above "Special Draught - Sick's Century Brewery - Seattle, Wash. U.S.A." all suspended in a 4" tall, acrylic tap handle. Special Draught was introduced in 1955, and the following year production of Brew 66 was shifted from the Century Brewery to the main plant. Scarce, 61 year old tap! Near mint condition. $65


Brew 66 Special Draught acrylic tap"Brew 66 - Special Draught" with "Rainier Brewing Co., Seattle, WA" in fine print - on both sides of this 5" tall, acrylic tap handle ca.1960.   $45


Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

Sierra Nevada Pale Bock tap handle   "Sierra Nevada - Pale Bock" 5" tall acrylic tap handle from Chico, CA. $16


Sierra Nevada Porter tap handle"Sierra Nevada - Porter" 5" tall acrylic tap handle from Chico, CA. $16



Thomas Kemper Brewing Co. of Poulsbo, WA

Two Thomas Kemper ceramic tap handlesTwo "Thomas Kemper - Lagers" - 9" tall, ceramic tap handles (thick neck):  "Mai-Bock" and "Bohemian Dunkel" - the Bohemian has a label wrapped around the body, and may cover a fired-on label similar to the "Amber Lagers" below -  $14 ea.  available separately

TK-1 & 2      


Thomas Kemper ceramic tap handle"Thomas Kemper - Lagers" - 9" tall, ceramic tap handle (thin neck) "Hefeweizen" printed on a label wrapped around the body (which may also cover a fired-on label).  $14



Thomas Kemper Amber Lager ceramic tap"Thomas Kemper - Amber Lagers - 9" tall, ceramic tap handles (thin neck) has been repaired and as such is suitable for display only - half price.  $7



Thomas Kemper - Weizen, tap handle"Thomas Kemper - Weizen - Cherry" - a 9" tall, wooden tap handle. Base of tap has a 3/8" female thread insert.  $10




Thomas Kemper Pilsner lucite tap handle"Thomas Kemper - Pilsner" - a  6" tall, acrylic tap handle. $10


Thomas Kemper  Rolling Bay Bock tap handle"Thomas Kemper - Rolling Bay Bock" - a 6" tall, acrylic tap handle. $10



Widmer Brewing Co.

Widmer Doppelbock tap handle
"Widmer Doppelbock" - 10" tall tap handle. $10



Various Breweries 

Wheathook - wheaton ale figural tap"Wheat-Hook" on both sides of a ceramic tap from the Redhook Ale Brewery - from the Ballard era. The tap stands 8" tall and the ceramic is free of chips or cracks. $18



Blitz Bavarian Dark tap "Blitz Weinhard - Bavarian style Dark Beer" embedded in a 5" tall, double sided acrylic tap handle. $14

Wolver's organic brown ale tap"Wolver's Brown Ale - Naturally brewed with organically grown barley and hops." with "Organic" on handle - same on reverse. This ceramic tap is 10" tall, and never used. From the Otter Creek Brewing Co., Middlebury, VT.  $14


Wolver's organic India Pale Ale tap"Wolver's India Pale Ale - Naturally brewed with organically grown barley and hops." with "Organic" on handle - same on reverse. This ceramic tap is 10" tall, and never used. From the Otter Creek Brewing Co., Middlebury, VT.  $14


Stroh's Beer tap"Stroh's Beer - America's Only Fire Brewed Beer" on a 3" high, double sided tap. No rubs or blemishes - the spots in the image are reflections on the mirror-like foil. Perfect condition!  $8




Imported Watneys, tap handle"Imported -Watneys" aka Red Barrel Ale, on a 10" tall, tap handle - from Sleeman Brewing & Malting Co., Guelph, Ontario, prior to 1997. $15


McNally's Extra Ale ceramic tap handle"McNally's Extra Ale - Big Rock" ceramic tap handle from the Big Rock Brewery, Calgary, Alberta.  $14



Four 7" tall, Lucite tap handles from the Big Rock Brewery: "Buzzard Breath Ale" (Sold) - "McNally's Extra Ale" - "Springbock Ale" & "Cold Cock Winter Porter" (Sold) - $10 ea.  available separately.

BR-3, & 4

Molson Golden ceramic tap handle"Molson Golden" - an 8" tall, ceramic tap handle.  $12





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