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The following is from: "An Illustrated History of the State of Washington," by Rev. H. K. Hines, D. D.; Lewis Publishing Co., Chicago, IL., 1893, pages 485-486.

"Andrew Hemrich received an elementary education at Alma, which was continued in the practical duties of life, as at the age of ten years, he began work in his father's brewery, and three years later was sent to La Crosse, as an apprentice to learn the brewing business. This was followed by two years in breweries¹ in Milwaukee, one year at Denver, Colorado, and one year at Eureka, Nevada. In 1876, with two companions, all well mounted, he made a trip of 1,700 miles through the Yankee Fork mining district of Idaho, but the claims being all covered and the country being in constant danger from the attacks of hostile tribes of Indians, the party continued to Butte, Montana, then but a small mining settlement. In 1877 at Glendale, thirty-five miles from Butte, Mr. Hemrich partnered with Frank Gilig [sic] in starting a small brewery², selling their product at $21 per barrel. This he continued for eighteen months, then sold out and engaged in mining, in which a short experience exhausted his accumulated savings. He then gave up mining and going to Bozeman resumed his trade as foreman of a small brewery³ and there remained until February, 1883, when he came to Seattle and forming a co-partnership with John Kopp started a small steam beer brewery with an annual capacity of 2,500 barrels. This was the nucleus of the present Bay View brewery.

In 1884 Mr. Kopp sold out his interest to the father of our subject, John Hemrich, and in 1885, the latter's brother-in- law; Fred Kirschner, entered the firm, then known as Hemrich & Co. With the growing demand the capacity of the brewery was increased from time to time up to 1887, when the brewery was rebuilt and with improved machinery the firm engaged in the manufacture of lager beer, with a capacity of 80,000 barrels per year. The product was sold throughout the Northwest. In April, 1891, the business was incorporated as the Bay View Brewing Company, with a capital stock of $300,000, and so continued up to the spring of 1893, when the company consolidated with the Albert Braun Brewing Company, and the Claussen-Sweeney Brewing Company, under the incorporate name of Seattle Brewing & Malting Company, with a capital stock of $1,000,000, Mr. Hemrich continuing as president. In 1892 our subject was one of the organizers and incorporators of the Victoria Brewing & Ice Company, of which he is vice-president. He has also extensive mining interests in the Cascade mountains, twenty miles east of Snoqualmie Falls. The claims cover 6,000 x 600 feet on one ledge, and 4,500 x 600 feet on a parallel ledge, gold-bearing, running from $5 to $105 per ton. Mr. Hemrich is also president of the Eureka Coal Company, and owns valuable improved and unimproved property in the city of Seattle.

He was married in Seattle, in 1885, to Miss Amelia Hucke, of Essen, Germany. They have four children: John, Alvin, Ernest and Katherine."

After the publication of the above article, Andrew and Amelia had another son, Carl, born on 18 July, 1894. Andrew Hemrich died on May 2nd, 1910.

Hemrich family monument, Seattle
This family monument is in Lake View Cemetery, Seattle, WA.


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¹ This was Philip Best's Empire Brewery, and Joseph Schlitz' Chestnut Brewery.

² This was John Mannheim's "Glendale Brewery" (est. 1874) purchased by Frank Gilg in 1877.

³ This was Spieth and Krug's "Bozeman Brewing Company" on E. Main St., Bozeman.


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